A Message from John Kincaid

First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to review our website.

The foundation of my practice is built on trust...trust that I will listen, trust that I will care, and trust that the strategies and recommendations which are made are sound and well thought out.  Also, trust that I will be responsive, proactive and intuitive.

Along with trust comes honesty and transparency…two pillars of character that define not only ones practice, but the individual as well.  My role models were my parents (and still are) as they demonstrated truth, honesty and accountability which I was blessed to be a part of growing up.

Finally, the teamwork that is necessary to have a successful practice in today’s environment includes not only my wonderful and responsive local staff, but also the 400+ additional employees of my broker/dealer Cetera Advisors LLC located in multiple cities across the country.

So whether it is a complete turnkey portfolio recommendation and implementation, or a recommendation on a part of your overall portfolio, I welcome the opportunity to start the process with you and, for that, let me thank you in advance.


Registered Principal
Financial Advisor

President and Founder of Kincaid Financial Advisors