Analyzing the Data

Analyzing your financial profile is an all-encompassing process whereby we discuss your current sources of income, both now and anticipated in the future.

Turning our attention to your portfolio and how and when income will be needed, the focus becomes one of not only asset allocation, but an in depth discussion of Tactical money management versus Strategic portfolio construction.  The objective here focuses on managing risk and aligning each client’s resources with their goals.

After reviewing your existing holdings and accounts with regards to tax implications, investment objectives, income needs, asset allocation and overall portfolio risk, the next step is the proposed Portfolio Strategy Recommendation.

Proposed Portfolio Strategy Recommendation

With the complexities of client’s objectives and today’s market uncertainty, the strength of my practice lies in developing an intricate, personalized overall Portfolio Strategy Recommendation designed to help achieve both your short and long term financial goals.

This part of the process takes time to go over, which I do in an in depth, educational manner.  There is no rush during this part of the process as it is a time for questions and answers, detailed strategy explanation, transparency of fees and past performance, and how the ongoing portfolio review process takes place.