Once you are knowledgeable and comfortable with the Portfolio Strategy Recommendation, we begin the implementation process.  New account forms, transfer forms, Investment Policy Statements, etc. allow us to get started.  We walk you through the entire process, keeping you posted at every step along the way.

Online access to your new accounts is established and website training from my staff is also available for quick navigation and familiarity with the various financial websites.

30 Day Meeting

I believe it is important that once all of your accounts have been transferred to the various new positions as outlined in the Portfolio Strategy Recommendation, that we get back together for a quick meeting to recap and review the Strategy.  Also, this meeting will allow for answering of any additional questions which may have come up shortly after we got started.

Portfolio Reviews and On Going Portfolio Monitoring

The implementation of the Portfolio Strategy Recommendations is just the beginning of the process.  On an ongoing basis, your portfolio will be monitored to ensure it remains on track to help achieve the investment goals and objectives.  In depth portfolio reviews on performance, risk, style drift and other factors are also part of the process.  Comprehensive quarterly performance reports and consolidated statements allow for additional transparency and ease understanding how the portfolio is performing.

Our clients have a variety of expectations when it comes to getting together to review their portfolio.  Whether it’s quite frequently, or on an annual basis (or somewhere in between), we are here to serve our clients and are happy to accommodate each client’s preference.