Getting to Know You

As a hands-on Financial Advisor who works very closely with his clients, I believe an in depth knowledge and understanding of “who my clients are” is of key importance as we begin this process.  Understanding your background, your career and/or occupation, your family, your financial and estate planning goals, are just the beginning steps in the process.

You can expect a broad discussion of your portfolio objectives, income and liquidity needs, risk tolerance, time horizon, investment experience, and many other suitability factors. 

Getting to Know Your Investments and Portfolio

What follows next is a careful review of the type of investments you are currently in and how they are being managed.   Our discussions will continue by delving into the type of accounts and different registrations that you have (i.e. IRA’s, 401k’s, other types of qualified plans, joint accounts, individual accounts, trust accounts, etc).

Digging deeper, we will discuss such questions as:

Where are these various accounts and how are they currently invested?
What is the “Beta” (or measure of volatility and risk) of your current portfolio?
Are you happy with your current performance given the “Beta” of your portfolio?
Does your current portfolio match up with your level of risk tolerance?
How do you handle the seemingly increasing volatility in the markets today?
Do you feel there is synergy in your current overall investment strategy?

More specific questions will include:

What are your requirements for income (if any) from your portfolio both now and at other points in the future?
Are there any anticipated “large” expenses or cash needs in the next 12-24 months?
What is your Federal Income Tax bracket?
Who is your CPA? (if any) Does your current advisor work closely with your CPA?
How important (if at all) is being able to leave all or most of your portfolio to your beneficiaries?
What are the specific investment objectives of not only the overall portfolio, but each account type as it relates to Risk Tolerance, Account Time Horizon, and Income and Liquidity needs.

The culmination of this initial process concludes with working through our in depth Confidential Client Financial Data sheet whereby I can glean a more accurate view of your overall financial scenario.